Trying to Bench 405 lbs Underwater | OT 28

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    Summer Themed Episode! Top 10 frozen treats, a wild betcha, and a brand new segment!
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    5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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    1. Dude Perfect

      “So poooosh these others in the trash” 🤣 best line from Cody lol

      1. Ayden Schaffer


      2. Jonah Cyr


      3. STARCLAN

        He must go

      4. SnappingStuds

        Was also great when he puked while watching battle losers drink hot pocket smoothies. XD

    2. Quinton Joyce

      he must go

    3. Anup Kamath

      Nice video

    4. Connor Wilson

      HE MUST GO!

    5. Masterrespeckt

      He must go! he must go!

    6. Mascot Dude

      This episode is bad why no wheel

    7. Savage RainX

      He must go

    8. Michelle Boon

      If you had to pick your favourite segment other than cool not cool or wheel unfortunate, what would it be?

    9. Broskeetors

      He must go

    10. Teresa Bentivegna

      Ty must go

    11. Quinn Gailar

      HE must go!

    12. Bear Gaming

      he must go

    13. Gojo Satouro

      HE MUST GO!!!!

    14. Saad Malick

      HE MUST GO!

    15. JRH Prods

      He must go!!

    16. Yoali Bautista

      did anyone else notice how they said “ okay” at the same time 😂😭

    17. Chaya, Your local sloth lover

      Everyone: getting upset at ty’s choices Coby: eating all the ice cream he gets

    18. Jared Charlap

      He most go... he most go... he most go...

    19. Youtube Only

      How have you guys not heard of a pineapple slicer before

    20. abduulah abid

      Let us all agree Tyler is the worst top 10

    21. some minecraft player

      he must go

    22. Phoenix

      He must stay! He must stay!

    23. Carson Gray

      it would be easier tho

    24. Yassin Amr

      Worst ot

      1. Pulse Shock

        You messed up

    25. Penelope Go

      It is so funny everyone has no desserts coby just keeps all of the snacks in is arms 🤣🤣

    26. jakekillerwar

      He most gooooo

    27. Aras Barker

      he must go!

    28. XOKICKED

      He must go

      1. XOKICKED

        @Pulse Shock HE MUST GO

      2. Pulse Shock


      3. XOKICKED

        Love y’all though

    29. Muddyfork Productions

      HE MUST GO!!!

    30. Cameron Crossley

      I thought I was the only Chico taco guy

    31. Jonny Clutch


    32. Dasha Bunnyfire

      HE MUST GO! HE MUST GO! (He must go chain below)

    33. Astro Sniper

      He must go

    34. Baltimore88

      he must go!

    35. Tony Rababy

      He must go

    36. Sara Jane Cordell

      He must go!!! He must go!!!! GET HIM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    37. Jebthemuder16 Unspeakabletdm12

      He must go

    38. Timothy Serge Diyanov

      “He must go! He must go! Get him out!”

    39. Liam Cook

      Hi can you read my comment dude perfect I love your videos can you please say Liam.😁

    40. Brooke Huddleston

      I want a Koosh ball now ;-;

    41. Warrior Plays

      so... I'd say you should do it again

    42. Devin Denny

      So does anyone remember that they said at 50 mil they would do a panda reveal?

    43. Emma Johnson

      HE MUST GO! haha sorry ty

    44. Warrior Plays

      29,761 comments = 29,761 wanna do the commercial clash

    45. Cooper Caciopp

      He must go

    46. Kevin Krupiewski

      He must go

    47. Warrior Plays

      The grass in sparky's teeth!! its my Favorite one! 🤢 🌾🌾

    48. Dj T - bone

      Im sorry but whats a dippin dots

    49. Rst Bubbles

      he must go he must go get him out

    50. Tom Seidl

      He must go

    51. Jeziel Rodriguez

      He Must Stay!

    52. Mr. Man

      He must go

    53. Madi & Lily

      He must go!!!

    54. Rediculas Person

      First, HE MUST GO!!! Second, when Coby started talking, i thout it wasnt real. Lol

    55. Jacob Wiebe


    56. Omer Ahmed

      HE MUST GO

    57. Oscar Southgate


    58. Revan

      Guys I'm sorry but are you kidding me? This was just a 6 min sponsorship segment, please never do that again

    59. Xander Thunderblade

      *He MuSt StAy* (Sorry dudes)

    60. Cereal Man

      POV: you checked comments after he said the top comment should be “he must go”

    61. Ryan Miller

      He must go

    62. Murphy Bros Entertainment

      HE MUST GO

    63. Omar Ramirez

      Get him out

    64. Yann Hodler-Laquerre

      He must go

    65. Josiah Smith

      He must go

    66. Coby Herman

      he must goooooooo

    67. Special K


    68. Junior Lozano

      He must go

    69. RoAcH812

      push pop!!!!

    70. Daniel Burke

      if ty steps down everybody agrees and top 10 becomes boring in my opinion. He must stay

    71. Xander Thunderblade

      I'm wearing the same shirt as Ty in top 10 lol

    72. Sean Z

      "He must go! He must go! Get him out!"

    73. Jaivardhan Pal

      He must go.......


      He must stay! He must stay!

    75. beth birch

      ive been saying he must go since the first top 10

    76. The Chad04

      He Must Go!

    77. Fr_legends_longboi

      He must go

    78. Ain

      What's the music in the first commercial, sounds really nice

    79. Greta Hamre

      Dude Perfect NEEDS a top 10 ranking fast food French fries!!!

    80. Lydia George

      get ty out of top 10 either put cody or garret in his place,

    81. M1X Skies

      he must go!!

    82. Corynsboy

      “He must go! He must go! Get him out!”

    83. Alex Rocco

      coby was eating like five things at once! lol

    84. SoUlSniper247

      he must go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    85. Swervz

      yo dude perfect should do top 10 video games

    86. Alex Rocco

      I love commercial crash!!!

    87. Garrett Coulter

      Bring back judge dudy!

    88. Lindsey Granger

      You are my favorite ROfor channel

    89. Desiree Roccaforte

      Yes the chocolate taco is indeed the best

    90. LDRgamers

      He must go

    91. Jake-Dorian Baucom


    92. Ivan Arreola

      he must go he must go lets get coby in'

    93. Matthew Jarrett

      He must go

    94. Tariq Ahmed

      he must not go

    95. Yavuz kerem Alyamac

      He must go

    96. Neyland Morrow

      He must go

    97. Jayden Milton

      That was Cool

    98. Mark Mitchell

      TT needs to be banded from top 10! i’d like to see Garrett do a top 10 !!!!!!!